A clean air filter offers up to 10% better fuel economy and a happier car


Properly inflated tires reduce drag, extend tire life and can save on fuel. Tires under inflated by as little as 3lbs can increase fuel consumption by as much as 5%


Just 10KMPH over the speed limit eh? It can cost you as much as 5% more at the pumps. Are you really getting there any faster anyway?


Easy Peasy – gentle and smooth acceleration can help save up to 5% in fuel costs.


Fresh air is better – turn off your climate control, roll down your window and enjoy some fresh air to cool down. Using your AC regularly, causes your engine to work harder. A harder working engine demands more fuel.


Think twice, drive once. It is so easy today to hop into your car and go. We live in an instant need it now society. Try condensing trips with other family members. See who is going where and when. Save a single trip and you will save on fuel.


Do you really need that extra ballast? Take a look in the trunk. Everything need to be there? Reduce weight to reduce waste!


What condition are your headlights in? Are they clouded and hazy and restricting light where you need it most. Over time, the intensity of headlight bulbs diminishes and a clouded lamp assembly can cut ambience by as much as 30%. Replace tired bulbs and have headlamps refinished to ensure you can see the road ahead.


Can your car stop on a dime? Worn shocks, suspension components and brakes can add as much as 30 feet to stopping distance. All of these items require regular inspection to ensure your car is reliable and safe for the road. A simple yet critical brake component service can extend brake life by as much as 50% and significantly reduce stopping distance.


Fluids, fluids, fluids. They are all critical to the ongoing reliable and safe operation of your car. All of the under-hood fluids have a useful life and require service based on manufacturers recommendations. Fluids left beyond their useful life can create numerous problems, most of them inconvenient and expensive to correct.


Spark and fuel. Critically important to efficient engine performance. Most engine manufactured after the early 1990’s are fuel injected. The injectors deliver fuel and the spark plugs ignite to create combustion. If the spark plugs are old and worn and your injectors are contaminated with carbon deposits, your engine is not getting full value for fuel being delivered and lots of it ends up out your tailpipe. Wonder why fuel economy drops off as your car ages? Replace your spark plugs and clean your fuel delivery system to ensure top efficiency and fuel economy.

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