New Tires

Fortunately, tires come in only one shape…..round. This might suggest that a tire is a tire is a tire right. But alas, this is not the case. Thanks to continued research and development by the tire manufacturers, there are literally hundreds of options and alternatives when it comes to sourcing the right tire for your particular car and your specific driving application.

Sometimes a little research will make all the difference to your pocketbook.  Kerry’s Car & Truck Centre is ready to assist in ensuring that your investment pays off and you are completely satisfied with the tire you choose.

Here are a few simple things to consider:

  • How long do you plan to keep your car?
  • Do you drive primarily city or highway?
  • What is the speed rating requirement for your car’s tires?
  • Do you need a tire with a long life or are you more interested in a quiet ride?
  • What climate are you driving in?
  • Is performance your primary goal in sourcing new tires?
  • What really is the difference between an All Season Tire and an Ice and Snow Tire?

Clearly, a tire is not just a tire. The great news is that in our value driven economic environment, you can still be assured of meeting all of your requirements and getting great value. You just need to make sure you pick the right tire to fit the right application to meet your goals. Who would have though buying tires could be so involved and sometimes so complicated?

Feel free to drop by Kerry’s Car & Truck Centre anytime for a free tire consultation. We are pleased to help in answering the age old question……What really is the best tire for my car?


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