When you step on the brake pedal you want to stop. It’s pretty simple right?

We all appreciate that our vehicles braking system is probably the most important safety feature on our car. We all want to stop swiftly and quietly with no shudder, groan, squeal or grind. I get asked all the time, “How long should my brakes last”? Seems a pretty simple question yet I am always lost searching for a suitable answer. Every vehicle’s braking system is different and every driver drives differently. Some drive highway, some drive city. Some drive daily, some only 1-2 days each week. Is the correct answer a measure of time or kilometres driven? Truth is, there is no right or wrong answer.

There is only one certainty in the world of vehicle braking systems. I prove it time and time again. Braking systems that are regularly and properly maintained , will ensure that vehicle owners not only enjoy an extended life on all components, but they can be assured of the safest operation of their braking system. A safer car that costs me less money…. sign me up! We have all been conditioned to change our engine oil regularly. Why? Because if we don’t, we know that our engine won’t perform efficiently and over time it will inevitably cost us more money in repairs and increase the likelihood that our cars will be less reliable.

So why don’t we use the same logic with our braking systems? Nobody talks about it but I regularly get “that look” from customers when they learn that part(s) of their braking system is/are worn out (normally due to lack of maintenance) and will need to be replaced. When you combine the fact that most brake repairs are not budgeted for and always costs more money than we expect it should, it inevitably leads to a certain level of frustration. “How long should my brakes last”? The correct answer depends entirely on how well they are maintained.

Call Kerry or drop by Parksville Safety and Auto Centre today to learn more about maximizing the life of your braking system, enjoying the peace of mind you get when driving a safe car and saving money in the long term. Coffee is on me!

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