Our Expertise

Our Theory

Parksville Safety and Auto Centre has an interesting theory. If customers are involved in the evaluation and repair process with their vehicle, they will feel far more comfortable with the undertaking. That’s why we offer direct access to your technician. You get to see it with your own eyes and hear it directly from the technician you are paying to work on your car. We pride ourselves in maintaining open and honest communication with our customers. You deserve it!

Our Expertise in Automotive Repair

Ryan and Don are both fully licensed Journeyman Automotive technicians who both hold Government Inspection Licenses. They bring a combined 33 years of general automotive experience to you and your car. Both are very comfortable working on any make or model vehicle and both enjoy the challenge that our industry presents. They are true professionals in every sense of the word and are constantly engaged in training programs to ensure that they stay on the leading edge.

We understand just how important the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle is. That is why we have invested in the very latest tools and technology. We have all of the latest equipment and specialize in computer and driveability diagnosis, brake and exhaust repair, suspension and wheel alignment, and can manage all of your warranty required maintenance.

Our Expertise in Automobile Detailing

A new offering at Parksville Safety and Auto Centre is our full service Automobile Detailing program. Our expert detail staff are trained in the fine art of vehicle paint and interior restoration. Investing just a small sum of money each year in your cars appearance will pay off in the long run by adding significant value to your vehicle.

Drop by anytime for a complimentary evaluation.

Inside Parksville Safety and Auto Centre

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