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My brake fluids can get contaminated?  That doesn’t sound very good for me…

Keep your brake fluid in good shape, read this article for more information.

I get regular oil changes every 5,000km’s, my owner loves me, right?

The correct answer is….. a resounding maybe.

We all know that in order to keep our cars running efficiently, we need to get the oil checked and replaced regularly. The Fast Lubes and Quick Lubes are hugely successful because they have made if very convenient to get our oil changed. 10 minutes or less right? We all depend so greatly on our cars to get us around quickly and safely. Surely we can justify freeing up just a little more time and giving them a little more attention.

Most vehicles today have between 6 and 8 different fluids in them. All of these fluids are critical to the safe and reliable operation. Often times we find ourselves lulled into a false sense of security with regard to the up to date maintenance of our cars. How up to date is your vehicle maintenance?

Without a doubt, clean engine oil is important, but what about the rest of the fluids, what about the rest of the car? What about steering, suspension, tires, brakes and exhaust? They all need love and attention too! At Parksville Safety and Auto Centre we evaluate your whole car.

Drop by today to talk to Kerry about the scheduled preventative maintenance program offered by Parksville Safety and Auto Centre. He can tailor make a program that meets your specific needs.

Stop by the HAPPY CAR BLOG for even more tips on how to keep your car happy, safe and operating reliably.

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