Let us help you keep your car clean

Kerry’s Express Carwash

With the amount of driving we do, it can sometimes feel like we live in our vehicles. Whether you actually do live in your van (down by the river) or just drive a lot, chances are your mobile home could use some cleaning. Unlike our traditional homes (where guests take off their shoes and eat at a table), our vehicles can be a messy free-for-all of muddy shoes, sticky spills and crumbs. Who knows how many missing muffin chunks are getting a free ride? Freeloading fries and mooching mocha mugs begone!

Kerry’s Express Car Wash offers complete automotive detailing services. Restore your vehicle to its former condition with a VIP auto detailing package including an exterior wash, interior vacuum and glass cleaning so you can enjoy mess-free driving. All technicians are trained in the latest information on car finishes and fabric restoration processes. You can expect great value and service from Parksville’s premier automotive service destination.

We care about your car and more importantly we care about how you feel about your car.

Busy lives and demanding schedules challenge all of us. Often times the last thing on your mind is pulling out the hose, bucket, sponge and vacuum to tiddle up your vehicle. We have the expertise and all of the tools at the ready everyday, all day. Itís what we do!

A simple car wash or a complete interior detail and paint power polish, we have the know how and a keen interest in making your car the best it can be.

Itís a fact. Cars that have been properly cared for hold up to 20% more value.

Everyone wants to get the most value for their car when it comes time to trade or sell and just a small annual investment can reap significant returns when the time comes to say goodbye to your car.

Kerry’s Express Carwash’s NEW Website is under development, but if you head over there now you will find our car wash menu.

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