Scheduled Maintenance

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Fluid Services/Replacement
  • Filter Services
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Wiper Blades


Oil and Filter Change

A regular oil and filter maintenance regime is one of the most important service items for any vehicle. All vehicles benefit from regular scheduled oil & filter change every 5000 km or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Oil absorbs carbon and unburned fuel from the combustion process and these contaminants reduce the oil’s ability to effectively lubricate and protect your engine from premature wear. During your vehicle’s regular oil change visit, the technicians at Kerry’s Car and Truck Centre will also inspect and evaluate other critical components on your vehicle. This is done free of charge and will assist you in managing a safe and reliable vehicle.

Tire Rotation and Wheel Alignment

Regular rotation of your vehicles tires promotes even wear, extends the life of your tires and ultimately saves money and creates a safer driving environment. Tires should be rotated every 10,000 kms or more frequently as irregular wear might indicate. This will ensure you get the most life of your tires and drive safely. As tire tread wear reaches 4/32nds of an inch, it is recommended that your tires be replaced. Lack of or low tire tread creates a potentially unsafe braking and wet weather driving environment. Bald tires will tend to hydroplane on standing water and will also take the vehicle longer to come to a full stop. An annual wheel alignment inspection and necessary adjustments will serve to extend the life of your tires and create a safer driving environment. We all bump our tires into curbs occasionally and even though we do our best to avoid them, potholes still get in our way and get the best of us. Regular day to day driving puts our vehicles through a series of obstacles that will affect the proper alignment of your wheels and tires. If your vehicle pulls to the left or right or your steering wheel is off centre, odds are an investment in a wheel alignment will save you money in the long run.

Fluid Services

Clean, properly maintained fluids are extremely important to the reliable operation of your vehicle. Engine Coolant becomes acidic over time and gets contaminated with scaling and debris. Acidic, contaminated coolant will create a corrosive environment and rot out your radiator and heater core requiring expensive repairs. Brake fluid and clutch fluid are hydroscopic and like a sponge, slowly draw moisture from our atmosphere. They naturally become contaminated with moisture over time. Brake fluid with 4% or higher moisture contamination is considered unsafe. It will cause corrosion in brake lines and wheel cylinders and will reduce the fluid boiling point to a level where simple heat from braking friction may cause the fluid to boil and create air in the brake lines. This creates a significant safety concern as the brake system does not function properly and your brake pedal will easily fall to the floor without creating hydraulic brake pressure. Transmission Fluid and Power Steering Fluid are subject to intense heat. Both of these fluids lose their viscosity or lubricating properties over time due to significant heat build-up. They become dark and burned and get contaminated with dirt. Regular scheduled fluid services will save you money and time and ensure your vehicle is operating as safely and reliable as possible.

Fluid Leaks

All of the fluids in your vehicle are contained by gaskets, seals or o-rings. These fluids are all under extreme pressure and subject to extreme heat. Over time, the gaskets, seals and o-rings designed to keep fluid inside your engine, transmission and lines and hoses become dry and brittle and allow fluids to leak by. Fluid loss not only compromises the function and useful life of engines, transmissions, cooling systems, brake and power steering systems but can also lead to damaged electrical connectors and hoses. Fluid leaking onto a hot exhaust system will also create noxious odours that are harmful to to breathe. Proper maintenance and inspection of critical fluid quality and level is key to a happy, safe and reliable vehicle.

Filter Maintenance

Filters on your vehicle are designed to remove and trap impurities, dirt and debris from air, oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Regular inspection and replacement when required, will save in fuel expense and the ongoing expenses related with system repairs or premature failures. We all know your oil filter should be changed regularly to support the reliable and efficient operation of your vehicles engine. Did you know that your vehicle’s transmission may also have a filter that requires periodic service to keep the fluid clean? Did you know your vehicle may have a cabin air filter? This filter cleans the air that is delivered into the passenger cabin. It removes pollen, pollutants, exhaust fumes, dirt and bugs. A dirty and contaminated cabin air filter will begin to restrict air flow to the cabin and affect your vehicles ability to readily clear fogged windows. At Kerry’s Car and Truck Centre, we understand your vehicle and help ensure all filters are replaced when required.

Perimeter Lights

Regular inspection of your vehicle’s perimeter lights will ensure safe operation and reduce the risk of your vehicle being pulled over by the authorities. Often overlooked bulbs are license plate lights and marker or brake lights. Drop by Kerry’s Car and Truck Centre for a complimentary inspection anytime.

Wiper Blades

A good quality set of all season windshield wiper blades should completely clear your windshield of streaks on the second swipe. Wiper blades with dry, split or cracked rubber create an unsafe driving environment. Clear visibility is the key! A good set of wiper blades for most vehicles run between $20 and $40. Budget this annually and have your wiper blades replaced at the beginning of each fall/winter season. You will drive more safely and pedestrians and others on the road will be safer too. At Kerry’s Car and Truck Centre, wiper blades are always on special and are installed free of charge.

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