Braking System

  • Free Inspections
  • Disc Brake Service
  • Drum Brake Service
  • Park Brake Adjustment
  • ABS Diagnosis


The braking system on your vehicle is one of the most important safety features. If your braking system is properly maintained and regularly inspected, you will always have the peace of mind in knowing your vehicle will stop safely and efficiently. We will let you in on a little known secret. Most braking system parts are not replaced because they are worn out. Time and again, we see brake parts that are contaminated with corrosion and are irregularly or prematurely worn and not functioning safely. Regular brake system maintenance is the key to extending brake life and safe operation. Kerry’s Car and Truck Centre focuses on preventive maintenance of all aspect of your vehicle. This helps to save you money and ensures your vehicle will be operating as reliably, efficiently and safely as possible. You deserve it!

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